Get Involved

“CSW62 – Executive Director Meets with Civil Society Activists” by UN Women Gallery is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Take a look at the many benefits of becoming a member of AAUW!

Membership in a community committed to a shared cause. As an AAUW member, you’ll be proud to know you belong to a nationwide group of people who value education and equal rights who are contributing to a more promising future for all women and girls and who together provide a powerful voice for women and girls a voice that cannot and will not be ignored.

Leadership development. AAUW’s leadership development program gives you an opportunity to hone your personal and professional leadership skills. Take advantage of AAUW’s Leadership Library, and consider serving on one of AAUW’s local, state, regional, and national boards, committees, and panels.

Your voice in Washington. If equity is at issue, we’re there. As an AAUW member, you will have a strong voice on Capitol Hill on legislation that will affect the lives of women and girls. AAUW’s 100,000 members and our branches in 1,300 communities guarantees that your message will be heard.