Connecticut Government Appointments Project (ConnGAP)

Nearly 100 years after their right to vote was finally acknowledged, women are 52 percent of our population but only 17 percent of Congress. We’re still waiting for our first female president, vice president, or Senate majority leader. It’s not just that a healthy democracy needs to be truly representative. Solving the complex problems of 21st century America requires political leadership, experience, and wisdom that draws on all of our resources—not just 50 percent of them.

To begin to resolve this inequity, this project will identify qualified women for high-level appointed positions within new governors’ administrations. The project will also provide governors and their transition teams with the names and résumés of these qualified female candidates for consideration after the election.

In order to raise awareness about the need for gender parity in state administrations, the Women’s Appointments Project’s state-based coalitions (ConnGAP in CT) will be working with their state’s governor-elect to appoint women to 50 percent of the high-level positions in state government. Additionally, the governor elect will be asked to identify a high-level liaison from his administration to work with ConnGAP on an ongoing basis after the election.

AAUW CT representative on the steering committee is Pamela Mazzarella.
For more information on the project visit CTPCSW.