College/University Partnership Opportunities

$tart $mart Workshops
For the past several years, AAUW/CT has budgeted funds to help sponsor $tart $mart training sessions on C/U partner campuses, such as CCSU, UConn, and Housatonic Community College. At these sessions, college juniors and seniors are trained in the art of salary negotiation and benchmarking. In addition, AAUW members are trained to become facilitators. The cost of the initial session on a campus is $600. Subsequent sessions are $300. Your branch can donate funds to support this effort or send members to become $$ facilitators. There is no charge to a campus if a member does the facilitation.

Campus Action Projects (CAP)
Over the past five years, CAP grants have enabled teams of student leaders and campus faculty nationwide to design and implement effective programs that address specific barriers to equity on their campuses or in their communities and have helped college women grow as leaders. This year, CAP projects will address some of the barriers girls and women face entering and staying in the STEM fields. Your branch can encourage a CT college or university partner to apply for a CAP grant; a member could volunteer to be the team advisor; or a branch could partner with a campus in developing a project for the grant application.

National Student Advisory Council (SAC)
Members of the SAC provide AAUW staff with essential firsthand accounts of student needs and with ideas for combating sex discrimination in higher education and the workplace. They also promote AAUW and our programs on their campus, build ties to the local AAUW branch, contribute to the AAUW blog, and serve as student leaders at the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders. Your branch could encourage students from a local campus to apply for the SAC, or you could invite them to serve on your board and help plan campus/branch activities.

Elect Her: Campus Women Win
Elect Her – Campus Women Win, a collaboration between AAUW and Running Start, encourages and trains young women to run for student government on their campuses. Any students who attend the selected campuses can participate in the training. Elect Her – Campus Women Win builds on our lessons with the Campaign College pilot program over the past two years to develop a more interactive and comprehensive training for college women.

E-Student Affiliate Initiative (E-SAF)
All undergraduates at any of our college/university partner institutions are eligible to become FREE student affiliates, with a host of benefits to them as well as to the future of the organization. To date Connecticut has15 E-Student Affiliates, but your branch can help. Start by familiarizing yourself with the program and the value to students.

Then take the first step:

  1. Make contact with anyone you know who is affiliated with a C/U partner as staff or faculty members.
  2. Ask them to recommend students who might like to be invited to join. Here are some suggestions:
      • Students who attended NCCWSL
      • Interns working at their women’s center or in their office
      • Students in a women’s studies class
      • Students whom they advise or mentor
  3. Offer to help register the students. Branch presidents can do this on the Member Data Base. The process is as follows:
    • Student Name/ID, Institution, E-mail Address, and Graduation Date must be submitted.
    • Following receipt of the information, the AAUW Membership Department will email an invitation to the student.
    • The student needs to accept the invitation (much like a Facebook request).  Once invitation has been accepted, the student is officially enrolled as an E-SAF.